Make beautiful memories at home

Throwback from a beautiful summer 8 years ago. One of the many reasons I only upload non compromising photos to my drive. Most of our memorable times happened at home and even during this days when a stay at home mandate is being observed, lets make the most out of it. Have yourself some nice colourful snapshots to relive your quarantine time years from now. 🙂

I hope to survive another 8 years to show what I have done yesterday and today.

Memories from yesteryears

3rd series point de marque
DMC free pattern wips

Is it strange that I remember much of my kindergarten time than the last 20 years of my life? 40+ years ago we have no idea what a smartphone or an internet is. We don’t even have a colored television. The one and only black and white Tv in the neighborhood owned by my Godmother was of no use because there was a total black out of news from Tv and radio due to the aftermath of a Martial law. But for me and my childhood friends, it was the time of our lives. When our parents would sit together outside the houses and would talk about what is happening in the city. It is our chance to play outside, specially when it is full moon. Its a bit nostalgic while stitching this dmc pattern. Memories of our yesteryear no matter how simple it was brings back happiness that no money can buy.