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When in the war (esp. against ourselves)

Will it be a wordless Wednesday or a time to reflect, recollect or react. Whenever I’m in a tug of war against all odds, I either listen to music or read and re-read all inspiring words I have compiled in my bullet journal to brighten up my day. This one is my favorite: An excerpt from the letter of Paul to the Ephesians. In chapter 6, he reminds the people on putting on the armor of God to build up their strength. Truth as a belt, righteousness as breastplate, The good news of peace as shoes, faith as shield, Salvation as helmet, and the word of God as sword.


Armor of God

We all want truth at all times, who doesn’t? but sometimes there are truth that is very hard to accept. We want to be righteous all the time, but sometime we pay a price or we compare ourselves to the mischievous others. And we conclude that we are not as bad as they are. We usually doubt if we are the right person to bring the good news of peace, especially whenever our faith is being tested. Even if we know the way to salvation we are too stubborn to follow the word of God because it doesn’t fit in our world of today. We are a millennial generation, The touch screen generation, The stressful generation. My excuses for this litany, I am seldom wordless I just have the need to be quiet  from time to time.

I love sharing because I care 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Lovely freebies for this week

Hi friends I’m back to stitching this week, got to catch up a lot on my pending works. I can never wait long enough to begin with a new FREEBIES finds which is so pretty it will look lovely on my cushion cover.

DMC free

I should have started a big projects last week but I was too busy to notice it is November already. I’ve been running around for days; doing shopping and packing things and when I sit for awhile my focus is on doing crafty things; or at least searching for something crafty to do. Voila! such a beautiful scenery which reminds me of my youth as I play with the kids in our neighborhood. Although sometimes the feeling was not always good at that time, me being a few inches taller than the rest of the kids with the same age. Tall, thin, talkative, that’s what I was, and that makes me the odd one out. Its another story to tell some other time. I’ll be happy to finish this before I go back to work next week. Check out DMC website for more lovely ideas, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one that will caught your eyes.  success!  🙂

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Literally boxing with my gift boxes

Hi there, as you can see the finishing touches on my current projects has to wait for a little while. My house is in complete chaos at the moment and I’m afraid for the next 10 days its gonna be worse. I’m on my preparation period for my 3 huge boxes to be sent out to the Philippines on the first week of December. When I say huge, I don’t exaggerate. Its 3 times 80 x 75 x 65 cm.04

Why and what for? its been a tradition for us Filipino overseas to send boxes with gifts and special products to our families and friends, usually in the Christmas season. In my case I don’t only send gifts but also things we needed as we are going to stay there for about four months next year from January to the end of April. The easier part is shopping and buying the nik naks. Taping and preparing the boxes  takes a lot of time and energy. Thanks to my husband he is doing the honor. Putting everything in the boxes is the hardest part because it takes a lot of puzzle work how everything should fit in. But before anything else everything should either be covered, plasticized or boxed for protection to prevent leakage and eventual transport damages. What do I usually put in the boxes? Best of Belgian products naturally, ranging from beers to chocolates and non perishable goods. I usually prepares lots of candies and chocolates for the children in the neighborhood. It is my way of sharing the people around us a little of our blessings. It makes me happy seeing the kids happiness for even little things. They love chocolate spread, I don’t know why I don’t like it myself. So I do see to it that It I have lots of it. The only problem is that I have to keep the bottles in plastic bubbles one by one so it takes me a lot of time to finish a dozen of them. 02

What else? A lot of other silly things my husband cannot find out there or things we had to buy from afar such as an aluminum drainage cover. Am not kidding 🙂 its about 7 kilos and will make one of my box heavier than it should, but yes hubby hates everything that ever gets rusty, so there it is 🙂


We are so used to a modest kind of living and sharing is a part of our life. Family is also very important for us. Since we spend Christmas and new year down there with my family last year. We are celebrating with Hubby’s family here in Belgium this year. Then we are off to go and have a four months slow life interface in the countryside. I will probably bore you with my stories, but surely learning other cultures can also be a way of understanding diversity. See you around!

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Update on my welcome Dog

Welcomedogwips2Hi there, take a peek on my first CS work in progress since I moved home: Welcome dog by Dimensions with 67w x 99h Stitches. It looks too little and too easy to make, though for beginners it is a little bit tricky because of the back and straight stitches. This is my progress after approximately 6 hours of intermittent stitching for 3 days. Its crazy but its my  before bed time activity. Sit in front of my computer with a tv monitor where I can view my patterns either in pdf format or scanned copies while stitching and watching television (which is on my right side) at the same time.  Two birds in one bullet or whatever you can call it. 🙂 If there is nothing nice on tv I listen to music while I stitch. I hope my next update will be the last for this one. Something bigger is waiting for the right time. 🙂

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What to cook on a cloudy and chilly monday.

Happy Monday despite a chilly day out here, there’s a lot other reasons to be merry.  🙂  I’m very glad to notice that my new site is being appreciated by fellow bloggers and I cannot help but “hamster” here in there through their blogs too. I mean sniff around like a hamster, It is a saying here which is probably not an acceptable terms but for us it sounds great and a bit spooky. I only have to work for two days this week and I am taking three serious day off. What I have in petto for today has something to do with my de-cluttering agenda. When I dig deeper in my freezer and found a lot of pre-cooked food I got to serve some or throw them away in the bin because its been there too long. Specially cooked vegetables are not supposed to be stored in the freezer. However I make some half cooked ratatouille from time to time to mixed with pasta when I have limited time to cook. I usually forgot I have them ready and most of the time cooked  fresh mixed vegetable again and again. I’m not really a vegetarian though I eat less and less meat nowadays. Chicken, fish and sea foods are among the favorites in the house. We love pasta too and its usually is on our weekly menu. Its baked penne rigate with ratatouille for today. A combination of stored sauce and freshly cooked pasta, popped up in the oven with grated cheese toppings.

 You can find my favorite ratatouille recipe HERE. Miss Jenn did a wonderful step by step instruction with matching delectable photos. I only need to mixed the half cooked vegies with my almost cooked pasta, add up the cheese toppings and baked for 5 minutes or until the cheese turns golden brown. Its worth a try. Hubby loves it very much. the only meatless pasta he ever liked. We like it a bit chewy and crisp that is why I make it always half cooked except for the eggplant. Eggplant usually gives a lot of flavor when its really soft and I uses lesser oil when frying. The ratatouille recipe is already a wonderful one to share, specially for vegetarian. Adding pasta to it makes it a complete meal. Try it!

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In love with Autumn

Aside from Spring Autumn is my favorite time of the year and collecting patterns and making them is literally rejuvenating to me. Knowing there will come new leaves and new life when the spring comes brings hope to all living things. To be honest I just love the scenery and the colors. This bright and beautiful dog will keep me company this autumn and I’m getting ready to prepare him a Welcome party in my stitching table 🙂

welcome dog