What to cook on a cloudy and chilly monday.

Happy Monday despite a chilly day out here, there’s a lot other reasons to be merry.Ā  šŸ™‚Ā  I’m very glad to notice that my new site is being appreciated by fellow bloggers and I cannot help but “hamster” here in there through their blogs too. I mean sniff around like a hamster, It is a saying here which is probably not an acceptable terms but for us it sounds great and a bit spooky. I only have to work for two days this week and I am taking three serious day off. What I have in petto for today has something to do with my de-cluttering agenda. When I dig deeper in my freezer and found a lot of pre-cooked food I got to serve some or throw them away in the bin because its been there too long. Specially cooked vegetables are not supposed to be stored in the freezer. However I make some half cooked ratatouille from time to time to mixed with pasta when I have limited time to cook. I usually forgot I have them ready and most of the time cookedĀ  fresh mixed vegetable again and again. I’m not really a vegetarian though I eat less and less meat nowadays. Chicken, fish and sea foods are among the favorites in the house. We love pasta too and its usually is on our weekly menu. Its baked penne rigate with ratatouille for today. A combination of stored sauce and freshly cooked pasta, popped up in the oven with grated cheese toppings.

Ā You can find my favorite ratatouille recipeĀ HERE. Miss Jenn did a wonderful step by step instruction with matching delectable photos. I only need to mixed the half cooked vegies with my almost cooked pasta, add up the cheese toppings and baked for 5 minutes or until the cheese turns golden brown. Its worth a try. Hubby loves it very much. the only meatless pasta he ever liked. We like it a bit chewy and crisp that is why I make it always half cooked except for the eggplant. Eggplant usually gives a lot of flavor when its really soft and I uses lesser oil when frying. The ratatouille recipe is already a wonderful one to share, specially for vegetarian. Adding pasta to it makes it a complete meal. Try it!

In transition period

Hello there I have been reading and stalking some of my favorite blogs lately to be inspired and find some resolutions. The truth is I been functioning like a robot lately by just doing what is to be done. I have lost my focus due to some irreconcilableĀ differences with some people closer to me. When you normally have positive attitude towards everything and suddenly your world fall apart and it seems only a miracle can intervene, the only means to snap out of it is to accept and let the times go by. Although I haven’tĀ  fully recovered yet from a lot of disappointingĀ situation, I’m glad to be pre-occupied not only with a part time job but also with some commissionedĀ stitch projects that I happily accepted to keep me on track. So I am in a transition period right now and I hope I can manage to pull through little by little. To begin with: you might notice very soon that I finally decided to incorporate my old hobby blog Creaddiction, etcĀ here in my new one andĀ  acquired a domain name in order to dodge unwanted ads.Ā  A fresh start is what I badly needed, hope to see you around.

Why new blog?

Hi there, welcome to my new blog. When I moved out of blogger and transferred all my files here in WP a year ago, I thought it is best to refrain talking about my personal thought about things going on around me. Lately I realized that it defeats my own purpose of blogging and sharing things to others. Its like I’m emotionallyĀ dead and sounds pretentious by not caring to admit I am highly affected by today’s reality. I reckon I have wasted so much time on customization and focusing on single interest people already knows I do all the time. As I always tell my friends I am a pre-occupied person they think I’m a rare individual, always making excuses not to go along. What am I up to all the time? I am a non working spouse, so they thought. I guess its time to get serious about sharing the need to have a purpose in what we do. Specially for stay at home immigrant wives just like me.Ā 

Welcome to my space!