Make beautiful memories at home

Throwback from a beautiful summer 8 years ago. One of the many reasons I only upload non compromising photos to my drive. Most of our memorable times happened at home and even during this days when a stay at home mandate is being observed, lets make the most out of it. Have yourself some nice colourful snapshots to relive your quarantine time years from now. πŸ™‚

I hope to survive another 8 years to show what I have done yesterday and today.

Sew Lovely sampler for myself

Sew Lovely sampler designed by Emma Congdon

My first finish in August πŸ™‚ a sew sampler I thought will look good for my sewing machine cover. And a cute little mouse which I have yet to decide later.

free from DMC

When I’m on a day off and all my housework are done or can be put off for another day which is more likely the scenario. I always find time to stalk stitching and crafty blogs just to amuse myself on every progress they make. It is a hobby in itself and I been doing it for years. I myself isn’t one who takes photos and share every works in progress I have. I always have some little things apart or sometimes commissioned work which I seldom show off. Partly because I don’t feel it right to be taxed on what little income we have for a long hours of work. Secondly most designers prohibits stitcher’s to sell what they make which I do understand. So when someone ask me to do something for them, I told them to buy the kit and I will do it at my own time. If it a mass reproduction of something with intellectual property rights, I do agree its should be forbidden. But a friend who ask me to make a special present for somebody else I am more than happy to oblige. What I do is usually by means of a barter. Its like I’m doing it for her, she got to buy two kits, one is for me. Most of the time the excess threads which is of no use to them is enough to cover my charges. Sometimes I got a box of chocolates. One time I got a Bongo box ( 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for two) in a hotel by the sea. I worked on that project for 6 weeks on a real fast and perfect pace but its worth it. They were happy with the result. Nowadays I am getting more and more interested on cute little things that I actually can use or give away. I’ll be on a finishing touches modus for the rest of this boring summer plus an early fall concept to brighten up my moods. Wish you all a good one too!

Blanco Agenda

Who is keeping a Bujo (bullet journal)? What to write when there is nothing special to take note these days. My August planner is as good as blank, September is totally blank yet. what about yours?

“Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans” according to JL . But how do you make plans these days? I normally have a half full agenda every summer 15 days before another month started. Today August 15 is a national holiday in Belgium. There is supposed to be a celebration here in there. Its very silent everywhere around here. It is summer sale all over the country, but how can anyone enjoy fun shopping when there is a 30 minutes limitation imposed in every shops. We only have an allowable bubbles of 5 persons to see or visit until further announcement from the government. Its really a bizarre situation. Pray, sleep, wake up, eat, go to work and repeat. I bet some of you have a house that was never been so clean and de-cluttered as ever before. I claim to be a homebody all the time and yet I was never so eager to go anywhere else than these days. I’m waiting for a magic wand to spin around my planner and write down that Spain is COVID free when September comes. I am not losing hope yet. I’m a believer and yet I love to check on my horoscopes and read about those wonderful lies. It really makes me smile πŸ™‚ can’t help it. When I’m back from being silly to reality, I can only hope and pray for a magic called vaccin. Until it is finally found and proven to be effective all my bujo’s and agenda is more likely to remain blanco. I do hope yours is another story. Keep safe!

Thanks Heaven for a Bountiful Harvest

Hi there, how is everyone these days? We here,Β  are still trying to cope the heat wave which is on its 6th day already. I know I shouldn’t complain because, somewhere else is probably worst than here. And of course we are very very thankful for a bountiful harvest this year. Our little garden and serre yielded so much fruits and veggies. Its not a bad Stay cation after all. We were able to take good care of our organic garden. We have at least 12 kilos blue berries out of 9 bushes this year. Veggies such as green beans, sugar peas, zucchini, tomatoes, celery and broccoli are so much we had to give away a lot to the neighbours. Our grapes and cucumber is a real pretty sight, it gives a feeling of joy and contentment. Its always been my motto that busy hands are happy hands and if you have a green fingers, how cool can that be? Hubby and I were both blessed with hands that neverΒ  gets tired. What else do I do when I’m not stitching? I will share again next time. Stay home when you can and keep safe. πŸ™‚

Busy Hands are happy hands

Killing time modus : This Sew lovely sampler is just in time for my few days off.

Sew Lovely (553x640)

design by Emma Congdon for September issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I have enough of bad news lately, keeping me busy with things I love doing will surely help me get through this rough time. I hope everyone finds time to take new challenges on doing creative things. Believe me sometimes, the act of doing is even good as the result. Keep safe πŸ™‚


Its not my year after all

my notie boeken

Hi there its been quite a long time since my last log in. Its like I sleep and woke up in a different time. The world began to shake when I was about to come out of my hiding place. I was physically unfit for two months after catching lung infection while on Christmas holiday in my home town in the Philippines. I got better after taking antibiotic but then the volcano eruption triggers back my colds and cough due to daily dosage of ash fall. When COVID 19 began spreading worldwide. I was terrified and had undergone some serious test again. Fortunately it has nothing to do with the virus. But then my anxiety got serious when the number of corona cases began rising worldwide. The only option is to return home to Belgium as early as possible. We had to wait for 3 weeks before we could fly. Thanks God 3 days before all flight to Belgium was banned we were able to fly back and reach home safely. I normally very excited about flying anywhere but not on that day (March 22, 2020) I was very terrified. I thought If I catch the virus I won’t survive due to my very low immunity.Β  Since 3 months the farthest I been from home is to a fabric shop some 15 kilometers away. All our vacation plans are put on hold and cancelled. This is not my year after all. πŸ™‚ Silly but its what I hope so just like what is written on my notitie book.

Preparing to escape the winter

It is a bit chaotic here with us for the moment and it seems our time is running down. Rounding up cleaning and storing things away while getting ready for a long sojourn down there in the southern hemisphere takes a lot of energy. Not to mention the excitement and anticipation for a long journey. Amids’t packing, sorting and last minute shopping is making sure my CS projects is secure in my baggage. For the first time we are going to have a 10 hours layover flight, so it is expected to be such a long wait since we didn’t book for a hotel. We can only hope for a bit rest during the flight and at least a fine lounge to sit and take a short nap, though I doubt it is possible. I’d better be prepared for the worst case scenario so a little CS project and a good old book is a necessity.

specialfor Mane and Drew

Something sodalicious and sweet for a wedding present will definitely bring my mood to the best. But then a week or two is probably much needed to recover later on so to start with this little one is a good idea. I’ll keep it posted……………

My Photo Archive is Almost finish

Did anyone ever get sad or unhappy for losing photographs once in awhile. I do. I have never appreciated Picasa apps before, but now I am thankful because I found photos that I have been searching for a long time already. Even though there where times I am afraid my photos will be out on the net without my permission, I still gamble. I remember what my mom felt like when she was still alive after a flash flood damage our house in Laguna in 2001. Her box full of old momentos was kept at the bottom drawer of her cabinet. It was all damage and eventually destroyed. That was her most valuable possession. In our time, keeping digital copies is easier especially for those using apps to beautify or to flex it. For me it is convenient to save it in my personal drive so that wherever I go, I can open it. If I change computer or laptop there will be no problem. But I am not a fan of any apps demanding personal info and access to my account so I stick to the old method. However old fashioned it may be google knows everything anyway. My secret life which is tucked in my photo journal is more precious than anything I owned. I think I was born in a wrong era. My passions for everything not so contemporary including my hobbies and interest drives my own friends crazy. Honestly, I don’t mind. πŸ™‚

I’d like to share some of the places where I have been. I am not your typical travel blogger who pays a lot of attention about the accomodation, food, services etc. I go to places because I WANT TO BE THERE.Β  As you can see Spain and France is my favorite destination. There are still so many places in Spain and France where I’d really like to go and visit like the Omaha beach in Normandy where history unfolds during the WWII. My penchant for everything in history, medieval times and places protected and acknowledge by Unesco Heritage is extra ordinary. My dream destination is Jerusalem and Norway. Sadly it doesn’t appeal much to my travel companion. But I still have time πŸ™‚ who knows πŸ™‚ Meanwhile I realized that I have been ignoring my own backyard.Β  I been blessed to live inΒ  two countries with opposing characters. Next time, I will tell you more why it will be hard for me If I have to choose where to stay for good.