Hoping for a New Perspective for 2021

Hi everyone, I still felt disconnected to to the world and still having mixed emotions about this new year! Part of me is glad 2020 is over, on the other hand I am sad, very sad that it ended just like that. If I had a magic wand I’d reverse the time and do it again. Luckily I don’t have one and Its better not to have one, otherwise I’d be hoping for something I cannot undone. If it is a consolation knowing I am probably not the only one who have the same thoughts, is a relief.

I have avoided writing anything the whole Christmas holidays for the simple reason of either “To forget or not to remember ” what it was like last year’s events.

I’d like to move on as I have done in the past. I do look forward to a positive 2021.

Slow progress, slow motion

Where is the Sun? that is supposed to rise up and shine after the rains. I only see clouds and more clouds. I rarely loss inspiration despite disaster one after another but this monotonous life is finally catching up on me. I could barely finish anything without flaws. If I could only look at the bigger picture not minding the details, it would probably be less complicated. Unfortunately I am a worrisome in nature, and I worry about everything and I definitely worry for everybody. The sad part is when I know I can’t deliver what is expected of me and I can’t do anything about it.

A slow progress in time of slow motion………………………………..

What on earth is happening…

Sleepless nights and a worrisome week keeps me very active and unusually productive. Silly, but its true. How ironic to put it correctly. First, my homeland (Philippines) was devastated by super typhoons one after another. My favourite tree didn’t make it and falls down on our roof.

It wasn’t so bad after all compared to thousands of others who lost everything they owned.

Secondly, Belgium is on 2nd lockdown starting midnight yesterday until 2nd week of December.

Lastly, I’m afraid because of the lockdowns my workmates will not be able to come back to work on time. Playing time is over, and I’m afraid its going to be a long period of waiting again. Waiting for at least some perspective. Even the health experts cannot guarantee that we can celebrate Christmas holidays with family and friends. Staying at home and limiting our contact with other people is the only way to slowdown the spreading of COVID19. Not a very interesting thought for everyone but its obviously necessary. As of today a total of 21 patients has already been admitted and transferred to our neighbouring country Germany. In a matter of days, our hospitals is going to reach its full capacity. What on earth is happening???

Wishing and praying for a light at the end of this dark tunnel and May God almighty blesses all who works hard to keep us healthy.

Maria Demina, Little room in the attic

Autumn break…soon

My Autumn scene 2020

What is your idea of any interesting things to do when you have a 2 weeks vacation but cannot go anywhere? I made myself a to do list, which includes: cooking, baking, sewing, stitching, blogging and repeat again. I omit reading because it will definitely spoil everything. But I will add something else. I thought about doing something else for others. I WILL STAY HOME. And I’ll be doing something that can make a special friend happy. Its not on my list, but it will surely be a perfect distraction if not an inspiration. Who’s not gonna love it?

next on my stitching agenda

Keep safe everyone!

Life happens… Like the season

Life happens weather we expected it or not with successes and downfall alongside the constantly changing season. There is no doubt about it, but a pandemic is something that nobody can foreseen, even the experts. Although we (people) may have had contributed for making it worse from bad. We all know that the covid19 virus doesn’t walk nor fly as it is and yet it spreads and affects our life weather we like it or not. The whole country is almost in code red.

There was a lot going on in the country (Belgium) for the last 20 days. We have a new federal government coalition 494 days after the national election. We have a new prime minister and minister of health who are doing their best to address the current situation together with the rest of our political theater. We have a new princess 🙂 it was also something new. After 7 years of legal battle an illegitimate daughter of our former king was finally acknowledge by the state. Our hospitals are in full preparation of an inevitable 2nd peak of corona virus patients.

Life at home is nevertheless as usual and normal as always, though we particularly avoid a long shopping spree and other events. The best thing is that I accomplished a lot than normal. Go to work, do household chores, Stitch, sleep eat in between and repeat.

Autmn scene wips
Furry tales from November TWOCS

I been a busy rat and I do mind what is happening around me. I thank God for the grace of good health and the sound mind. I wish every one the same.

Less motivated but moving on

Halfway to the finish line

Where else can we find inspirations in times like this? I have been asking myself a lot. The feeling of waiting for something we don’t know when it is coming is unnerving. I been so used to having a stippled plans and now I’m having a hard time adjusting to a day to day surprises. May the coming seasons change brought hopes as much as the falling leaves.

Block Editor versus Classic

Finally getting the tricks in this new system which I guess a lot features than the classic one, though I’d rather use the old one for its simplicity.

Since the biggest mistake I made by ditching my old creaddiction blog and starting this current home blog. I been more patient on how to do things correctly. This is what really happened. I had an issue on how to to point the domain I bought to my old blog, so I asked help from wordpress, but then I still didn’t get it right. So I just started a new one which I shouldn’t have done in the first place. I have learned a lesson on how to be patient and study new features. Its kind of entertaining in itself if we have time to do all these.

I hope to be able to use at least some of this features in a right way. Its kind of a challenge for a non tech specialist like me. Its not the same as counting stitches and choosing the right colours. 🙂

Finding joy in what you do

The art of creating things from a single dot or from the first cross until it shows even a vague image of anything is a joyful moment especially when we love what we do. Crazy cross stitcher’s like me will always find time to finish one piece and start another 🙂 Oh yes we do love starting a new one. There is always that joyous feeling whenever we start creating a new motif. But the feeling of relief and pride is indescribable whenever we have a finished work.

Fawn designed by Lesley Teare

Starting a new project and creating an image gradually into a detailed subject is not only fun but also enjoyable especially when we derived inspiration in real life. Who would have thought that one of our best riders could bag two stages already on the first week of tour de France. Very timely indeed.

cycling man designed by Durene Jones

I wish everyone a good reason to be in a positive mood for what ever reason there is. Happy weekend

Falling early in Autumn

Rounding up a little bit to have a graceful summer exit into the fall, where it can be sunny or rainy any time of the day. My favourite season in normal circumstances. Even if things is different than any other year. No exciting preparation for a a winter escape or going down south. Instead making a bucket list of things to do half hoping life happens while I make other plans just like what John Lennon had in mind once long long time ago.

Current WIPS

The weather has nothing to do with a lot people including me wanting to end this summer as soon as possible. Its merely an hypothetical suppositions that what we are going through will come to an end when the season changes. As a matter of fact there is a higher probability that it could get worse whether we like it or not.

Making a bucket list makes us focused for awhile, whether we accomplished it or not is another matter. 🙂 who doesn’t need an inspiration in time like this? I do. I could use a lot of distraction too. And colours, lots and lots of colours. For the meantime yellow and gold is my favourite.

Next in line
Autumn scene designed by Lesley Teare

When I get my eyes tired and opted to something pastel and pale, I’ll be working on one of the designs below plus a lot more little cuddly and sweet giveaways. When months ending with ber begins, I always had this feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. But first, let us survive the fall! I hope you all have something to look forward too.

Fan of the men and women in yellow jersey

The most anticipated summer sports event around here. The quest for the yellow jersey in Tour De France.

Better late than never, shall we say 🙂 After all the speculation that it cannot be organised this year, Tour De France is going to begin this Saturday. The most awaited sports event every summer in Belgium as well as by our neighbouring countries. Its going to be different this year and probably less spectacular than any other year due to Corona rules and regulations. Nevertheless it is still full of excitement and anticipation. Who is going to fall? who is going to give up, who is going to make a name and outshine? I always bet against my husband in favour of anyone other than the European favourites. But of course, we are on the same boat if one of our Belgian riders wins a stage especially if its a long climb. The popularity of cycling competition in our region dates back way before the world wars. Not a very crazy idea to out source my inspiration for my next project about the men and women in a yellow jersey designed by Durene Jones for the July 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. I’m looking forward to whatever distractions while on Stay cation and an added inspiration is more than welcome. May the best one shines!