Falling early in Autumn

Rounding up a little bit to have a graceful summer exit into the fall, where it can be sunny or rainy any time of the day. My favourite season in normal circumstances. Even if things is different than any other year. No exciting preparation for a a winter escape or going down south. Instead making a bucket list of things to do half hoping life happens while I make other plans just like what John Lennon had in mind once long long time ago.

Current WIPS

The weather has nothing to do with a lot people including me wanting to end this summer as soon as possible. Its merely an hypothetical suppositions that what we are going through will come to an end when the season changes. As a matter of fact there is a higher probability that it could get worse whether we like it or not.

Making a bucket list makes us focused for awhile, whether we accomplished it or not is another matter. ๐Ÿ™‚ who doesn’t need an inspiration in time like this? I do. I could use a lot of distraction too. And colours, lots and lots of colours. For the meantime yellow and gold is my favourite.

Next in line
Autumn scene designed by Lesley Teare

When I get my eyes tired and opted to something pastel and pale, I’ll be working on one of the designs below plus a lot more little cuddly and sweet giveaways. When months ending with ber begins, I always had this feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. But first, let us survive the fall! I hope you all have something to look forward too.

Fan of the men and women in yellow jersey

The most anticipated summer sports event around here. The quest for the yellow jersey in Tour De France.

Better late than never, shall we say ๐Ÿ™‚ After all the speculation that it cannot be organised this year, Tour De France is going to begin this Saturday. The most awaited sports event every summer in Belgium as well as by our neighbouring countries. Its going to be different this year and probably less spectacular than any other year due to Corona rules and regulations. Nevertheless it is still full of excitement and anticipation. Who is going to fall? who is going to give up, who is going to make a name and outshine? I always bet against my husband in favour of anyone other than the European favourites. But of course, we are on the same boat if one of our Belgian riders wins a stage especially if its a long climb. The popularity of cycling competition in our region dates back way before the world wars. Not a very crazy idea to out source my inspiration for my next project about the men and women in a yellow jersey designed by Durene Jones for the July 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. I’m looking forward to whatever distractions while on Stay cation and an added inspiration is more than welcome. May the best one shines!

The diary of a young girl, a must read book

This is the definitive edition, but I believed it was published in different language.

The first time I read the diary of Anne Frank was around 25 years ago. Although it does leaves me a lasting impression, it was a time when I am addicted to spionage and political fictions of Tom Clancy. The hunt for red October was my favourite book at that time. I was then too attached to the character Jack Ryan and the modern warfare and military stories. When I first read a hard bound with extra notities of Anne Frank’s diary which was clearly shown that she goes back editing her entries on a particular date I wasn’t really impressed. I thought she was an impertinent young girl in her puberty who doesn’t have a good relationship with other people including her own mother and sister. Putting aside my prejudice then and now, upon re reading it again and again I realised that she is not only a normal teenager but also a brilliant one. At a young age in times of war and dangers she was able to write a chronicle of her experience living in a hidden annex together with 7 other people with very limited basic needs and deprived of a privileged of even a sun rays on her shoulders. I hope the young generations we called the millennial’s may be able to read it. Lately, I been thinking that many people who didn’t experience the atrocity of wars or any other epidemic will find the corona pandemic the worst that could ever happened to them. Lots of people are getting tired of following some simple rules even if it is so clear that it is for personal protection. For more than 2 years the family of Anne Frank and the 4 other people who lives with them in hiding has also experienced tensions and mis understandings among themselves. I can only imagine the stressful situation and the anxieties they felt during those times. I wonder what can happen should the internet and all other social media, netflix and television suddenly stopped from functioning. I have enough books to read in my remaining lifetime. and I have enough Unfinished projects to stitch day by day. I know I will survive without the luxury of internet. I can only advice to always have a pen and lots of papers at all times. No matter how many beautiful stories we read, ours will always be the best one to write.

Make beautiful memories at home

Throwback from a beautiful summer 8 years ago. One of the many reasons I only upload non compromising photos to my drive. Most of our memorable times happened at home and even during this days when a stay at home mandate is being observed, lets make the most out of it. Have yourself some nice colourful snapshots to relive your quarantine time years from now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope to survive another 8 years to show what I have done yesterday and today.

Sew Lovely sampler for myself

Sew Lovely sampler designed by Emma Congdon

My first finish in August ๐Ÿ™‚ a sew sampler I thought will look good for my sewing machine cover. And a cute little mouse which I have yet to decide later.

free from DMC

When I’m on a day off and all my housework are done or can be put off for another day which is more likely the scenario. I always find time to stalk stitching and crafty blogs just to amuse myself on every progress they make. It is a hobby in itself and I been doing it for years. I myself isn’t one who takes photos and share every works in progress I have. I always have some little things apart or sometimes commissioned work which I seldom show off. Partly because I don’t feel it right to be taxed on what little income we have for a long hours of work. Secondly most designers prohibits stitcher’s to sell what they make which I do understand. So when someone ask me to do something for them, I told them to buy the kit and I will do it at my own time. If it a mass reproduction of something with intellectual property rights, I do agree its should be forbidden. But a friend who ask me to make a special present for somebody else I am more than happy to oblige. What I do is usually by means of a barter. Its like I’m doing it for her, she got to buy two kits, one is for me. Most of the time the excess threads which is of no use to them is enough to cover my charges. Sometimes I got a box of chocolates. One time I got a Bongo box ( 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for two) in a hotel by the sea. I worked on that project for 6 weeks on a real fast and perfect pace but its worth it. They were happy with the result. Nowadays I am getting more and more interested on cute little things that I actually can use or give away. I’ll be on a finishing touches modus for the rest of this boring summer plus an early fall concept to brighten up my moods. Wish you all a good one too!

Blanco Agenda

Who is keeping a Bujo (bullet journal)? What to write when there is nothing special to take note these days. My August planner is as good as blank, September is totally blank yet. what about yours?

“Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans” according to JL . But how do you make plans these days? I normally have a half full agenda every summer 15 days before another month started. Today August 15 is a national holiday in Belgium. There is supposed to be a celebration here in there. Its very silent everywhere around here. It is summer sale all over the country, but how can anyone enjoy fun shopping when there is a 30 minutes limitation imposed in every shops. We only have an allowable bubbles of 5 persons to see or visit until further announcement from the government. Its really a bizarre situation. Pray, sleep, wake up, eat, go to work and repeat. I bet some of you have a house that was never been so clean and de-cluttered as ever before. I claim to be a homebody all the time and yet I was never so eager to go anywhere else than these days. I’m waiting for a magic wand to spin around my planner and write down that Spain is COVID free when September comes. I am not losing hope yet. I’m a believer and yet I love to check on my horoscopes and read about those wonderful lies. It really makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t help it. When I’m back from being silly to reality, I can only hope and pray for a magic called vaccin. Until it is finally found and proven to be effective all my bujo’s and agenda is more likely to remain blanco. I do hope yours is another story. Keep safe!

Thanks Heaven for a Bountiful Harvest

Hi there, how is everyone these days? We here,ย  are still trying to cope the heat wave which is on its 6th day already. I know I shouldn’t complain because, somewhere else is probably worst than here. And of course we are very very thankful for a bountiful harvest this year. Our little garden and serre yielded so much fruits and veggies. Its not a bad Stay cation after all. We were able to take good care of our organic garden. We have at least 12 kilos blue berries out of 9 bushes this year. Veggies such as green beans, sugar peas, zucchini, tomatoes, celery and broccoli are so much we had to give away a lot to the neighbours. Our grapes and cucumber is a real pretty sight, it gives a feeling of joy and contentment. Its always been my motto that busy hands are happy hands and if you have a green fingers, how cool can that be? Hubby and I were both blessed with hands that neverย  gets tired. What else do I do when I’m not stitching? I will share again next time. Stay home when you can and keep safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a weekend WIPs and a bit ramblings

Hi there, Its going to be a long night tonight with this heat wave going on here in Belgium. What a day! not so much choice but to stay grumpily inside the house for the whole day. The worst thing is there is nothing nice on the television. Its so stressful that I got sweaty hands and can’t stitch as much as I’d like to. I’m stranded again on this one this weekend. Itsย  gettingย  a lovely shape though monochromatic and less colourful. I’m a crazy stitcher and I’m really crazy about sew and stitch sampler. I don’t know how will I survive this unusual situation if I don’t have much to focus my attention.

weekend wips1-001 (800x600)

What’s up? says a friend via the chat box. They like to invite us for a Barbeque party. I said this is not the best time for a party no matter how small group we have. Covid 19 spreads more among family affaires and gatherings according to the news. Which probably is right due to close proximity to one another. How I wish this is over soon, very soon! I hope everyone is coping well ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy Hands are happy hands

Killing time modus : This Sew lovely sampler is just in time for my few days off.

Sew Lovely (553x640)

design by Emma Congdon for September issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I have enough of bad news lately, keeping me busy with things I love doing will surely help me get through this rough time. I hope everyone finds time to take new challenges on doing creative things. Believe me sometimes, the act of doing is even good as the result. Keep safe ๐Ÿ™‚