atWpprofileHi there thanks for dropping by.  My name is Nena born and raised from the North Eastern countryside in The Philippines, married to a Belg and presently residing in Belgium. Thanks to my one thousand and one interest, half of which I have no time at all to discovered, I  survived my everyday’s semi auto-pilot life in Belgium.  I am lucky to have a husband who is also most of the time at home, a believer and a jack of all trades, we fill each other’s company with same interest as music, gardening, travelling and doing creative things.  Although I believe that we: stay at home, jobless, dependents women are generally those who are forgotten members of the society. Nevertheless one is different from the other especially when you live in two countries which is poles apart from one another. I am blessed to be one of those who can share stories about cultural differences that shapes, molds and colors our everyday life. Being a stay at home wife from the far east will never be easy to anyone who doesn’t have much idea how to spend or manage their time. Boredom and homesickness has been our number one enemy if we do nothing much as housework, on the other hand some people suffered too much stress when they lead a very busy life.  I’m glad I am neither homesick nor stressed,  always having one or two things to do at the same time. I’m no different from an ordinary western housewife. I’m just one of those women with colors; most of the times ignored if not totally forgotten, discriminated or stereo typed. I normally blog and talk about my hobbies and interest for the purpose of encouraging others like me to maintain a lifestyle that will keep us busy and forget about homesickness.  Welcome!