My kind of diversion

I presumed a lot of people was hooked up on television lately, especially those who are forced to stay at home due to lockdowns here and there. Me too actually, I only watch circus on TV. Luckily there is also other important news than the American elections.

Life happens as it is…. but facing the uncertainties is not easy. I am thankful to my kind of diversion. It keeps me sane and inspired. Contrary to those beliefs that its an old woman’s hobby. It is something that we learned at a young age and continue doing through our lifetime. I can’t imagined an old lady starting to do such things as this. Some put it aside when they have so little time but somehow when they pick it up, they continue doing it.

I was searching over hobbies of people centuries ago and I found out that elite women in the past had embroidery and tapestry alongside reading poetry as main past time.

Nowadays, I believed that technology drastically changed a lot of our traditional values. I wonder what it would look like if we can have a glimpse of the future 20 years from now. I hope I’m still stitching..

This is my latest work in progress:

Kokeshi friends, designed by Joan Elliot

I wish you all better if not the best days !

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