What on earth is happening…

Sleepless nights and a worrisome week keeps me very active and unusually productive. Silly, but its true. How ironic to put it correctly. First, my homeland (Philippines) was devastated by super typhoons one after another. My favourite tree didn’t make it and falls down on our roof.

It wasn’t so bad after all compared to thousands of others who lost everything they owned.

Secondly, Belgium is on 2nd lockdown starting midnight yesterday until 2nd week of December.

Lastly, I’m afraid because of the lockdowns my workmates will not be able to come back to work on time. Playing time is over, and I’m afraid its going to be a long period of waiting again. Waiting for at least some perspective. Even the health experts cannot guarantee that we can celebrate Christmas holidays with family and friends. Staying at home and limiting our contact with other people is the only way to slowdown the spreading of COVID19. Not a very interesting thought for everyone but its obviously necessary. As of today a total of 21 patients has already been admitted and transferred to our neighbouring country Germany. In a matter of days, our hospitals is going to reach its full capacity. What on earth is happening???

Wishing and praying for a light at the end of this dark tunnel and May God almighty blesses all who works hard to keep us healthy.

Maria Demina, Little room in the attic

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