Block Editor versus Classic

Finally getting the tricks in this new system which I guess a lot features than the classic one, though I’d rather use the old one for its simplicity.

Since the biggest mistake I made by ditching my old creaddiction blog and starting this current home blog. I been more patient on how to do things correctly. This is what really happened. I had an issue on how to to point the domain I bought to my old blog, so I asked help from wordpress, but then I still didn’t get it right. So I just started a new one which I shouldn’t have done in the first place. I have learned a lesson on how to be patient and study new features. Its kind of entertaining in itself if we have time to do all these.

I hope to be able to use at least some of this features in a right way. Its kind of a challenge for a non tech specialist like me. Its not the same as counting stitches and choosing the right colours. 🙂

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