Fan of the men and women in yellow jersey

The most anticipated summer sports event around here. The quest for the yellow jersey in Tour De France.

Better late than never, shall we say 🙂 After all the speculation that it cannot be organised this year, Tour De France is going to begin this Saturday. The most awaited sports event every summer in Belgium as well as by our neighbouring countries. Its going to be different this year and probably less spectacular than any other year due to Corona rules and regulations. Nevertheless it is still full of excitement and anticipation. Who is going to fall? who is going to give up, who is going to make a name and outshine? I always bet against my husband in favour of anyone other than the European favourites. But of course, we are on the same boat if one of our Belgian riders wins a stage especially if its a long climb. The popularity of cycling competition in our region dates back way before the world wars. Not a very crazy idea to out source my inspiration for my next project about the men and women in a yellow jersey designed by Durene Jones for the July 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy. I’m looking forward to whatever distractions while on Stay cation and an added inspiration is more than welcome. May the best one shines!

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