The diary of a young girl, a must read book

This is the definitive edition, but I believed it was published in different language.

The first time I read the diary of Anne Frank was around 25 years ago. Although it does leaves me a lasting impression, it was a time when I am addicted to spionage and political fictions of Tom Clancy. The hunt for red October was my favourite book at that time. I was then too attached to the character Jack Ryan and the modern warfare and military stories. When I first read a hard bound with extra notities of Anne Frank’s diary which was clearly shown that she goes back editing her entries on a particular date I wasn’t really impressed. I thought she was an impertinent young girl in her puberty who doesn’t have a good relationship with other people including her own mother and sister. Putting aside my prejudice then and now, upon re reading it again and again I realised that she is not only a normal teenager but also a brilliant one. At a young age in times of war and dangers she was able to write a chronicle of her experience living in a hidden annex together with 7 other people with very limited basic needs and deprived of a privileged of even a sun rays on her shoulders. I hope the young generations we called the millennial’s may be able to read it. Lately, I been thinking that many people who didn’t experience the atrocity of wars or any other epidemic will find the corona pandemic the worst that could ever happened to them. Lots of people are getting tired of following some simple rules even if it is so clear that it is for personal protection. For more than 2 years the family of Anne Frank and the 4 other people who lives with them in hiding has also experienced tensions and mis understandings among themselves. I can only imagine the stressful situation and the anxieties they felt during those times. I wonder what can happen should the internet and all other social media, netflix and television suddenly stopped from functioning. I have enough books to read in my remaining lifetime. and I have enough Unfinished projects to stitch day by day. I know I will survive without the luxury of internet. I can only advice to always have a pen and lots of papers at all times. No matter how many beautiful stories we read, ours will always be the best one to write.

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