Sew Lovely sampler for myself

Sew Lovely sampler designed by Emma Congdon

My first finish in August 🙂 a sew sampler I thought will look good for my sewing machine cover. And a cute little mouse which I have yet to decide later.

free from DMC

When I’m on a day off and all my housework are done or can be put off for another day which is more likely the scenario. I always find time to stalk stitching and crafty blogs just to amuse myself on every progress they make. It is a hobby in itself and I been doing it for years. I myself isn’t one who takes photos and share every works in progress I have. I always have some little things apart or sometimes commissioned work which I seldom show off. Partly because I don’t feel it right to be taxed on what little income we have for a long hours of work. Secondly most designers prohibits stitcher’s to sell what they make which I do understand. So when someone ask me to do something for them, I told them to buy the kit and I will do it at my own time. If it a mass reproduction of something with intellectual property rights, I do agree its should be forbidden. But a friend who ask me to make a special present for somebody else I am more than happy to oblige. What I do is usually by means of a barter. Its like I’m doing it for her, she got to buy two kits, one is for me. Most of the time the excess threads which is of no use to them is enough to cover my charges. Sometimes I got a box of chocolates. One time I got a Bongo box ( 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for two) in a hotel by the sea. I worked on that project for 6 weeks on a real fast and perfect pace but its worth it. They were happy with the result. Nowadays I am getting more and more interested on cute little things that I actually can use or give away. I’ll be on a finishing touches modus for the rest of this boring summer plus an early fall concept to brighten up my moods. Wish you all a good one too!

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