Blanco Agenda

Who is keeping a Bujo (bullet journal)? What to write when there is nothing special to take note these days. My August planner is as good as blank, September is totally blank yet. what about yours?

“Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans” according to JL . But how do you make plans these days? I normally have a half full agenda every summer 15 days before another month started. Today August 15 is a national holiday in Belgium. There is supposed to be a celebration here in there. Its very silent everywhere around here. It is summer sale all over the country, but how can anyone enjoy fun shopping when there is a 30 minutes limitation imposed in every shops. We only have an allowable bubbles of 5 persons to see or visit until further announcement from the government. Its really a bizarre situation. Pray, sleep, wake up, eat, go to work and repeat. I bet some of you have a house that was never been so clean and de-cluttered as ever before. I claim to be a homebody all the time and yet I was never so eager to go anywhere else than these days. I’m waiting for a magic wand to spin around my planner and write down that Spain is COVID free when September comes. I am not losing hope yet. I’m a believer and yet I love to check on my horoscopes and read about those wonderful lies. It really makes me smile 🙂 can’t help it. When I’m back from being silly to reality, I can only hope and pray for a magic called vaccin. Until it is finally found and proven to be effective all my bujo’s and agenda is more likely to remain blanco. I do hope yours is another story. Keep safe!

3 thoughts on “Blanco Agenda

  1. Walang magagawa kundi maghintay ng bakuna. For the first time in my life I have not been able to travel anywhere and I have spent my summer vacation at home. This pandemic has forced all of us into reconsidering our plans and priorities. Kay laking pagbabago…


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