Just a weekend WIPs and a bit ramblings

Hi there, Its going to be a long night tonight with this heat wave going on here in Belgium. What a day! not so much choice but to stay grumpily inside the house for the whole day. The worst thing is there is nothing nice on the television. Its so stressful that I got sweaty hands and can’t stitch as much as I’d like to. I’m stranded again on this one this weekend. Its  getting  a lovely shape though monochromatic and less colourful. I’m a crazy stitcher and I’m really crazy about sew and stitch sampler. I don’t know how will I survive this unusual situation if I don’t have much to focus my attention.

weekend wips1-001 (800x600)

What’s up? says a friend via the chat box. They like to invite us for a Barbeque party. I said this is not the best time for a party no matter how small group we have. Covid 19 spreads more among family affaires and gatherings according to the news. Which probably is right due to close proximity to one another. How I wish this is over soon, very soon! I hope everyone is coping well 🙂

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