Happy to get back to work

How is everyone coping with this pandemic? I knew a lot of people who lost their job and some who are going to close their business. My own brother was one of them, it is so sad but they can’t do anything about it. I been home too long I forgot what it feels like to wake up early in the morning and get dressed for work. I didn’t sleep well the night before I start last week. Bad news is: the curve is going up again here in some provinces in Belgium. Nevertheless I am happy to be up and about again for reasons other than housework and crafting. Rewinding my timeline for the last 6 months since the pandemic. I was too busy in my own world that is why I survived the stress of being cooped up at home. Some of the things I been doing lately that I’d like to show are these projects:

Some of my recent finished:

paw patrol
face mask
face mask


recent finished2
throw pillows

recent finished

What else can I do in times like this. I read a lot and write a lot in my notitie books. I colored a lot too and did some sewing for quite some time. I wish I can fast forward my timeline and make bullets on what my plan for the next 6 months are. But who can make plans nowadays? I hope everyone is coping well. Have a blessed and safe week ahead everyone 🙂

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