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Its not my year after all

my notie boeken

Hi there its been quite a long time since my last log in. Its like I sleep and woke up in a different time. The world began to shake when I was about to come out of my hiding place. I was physically unfit for two months after catching lung infection while on Christmas holiday in my home town in the Philippines. I got better after taking antibiotic but then the volcano eruption triggers back my colds and cough due to daily dosage of ash fall. When COVID 19 began spreading worldwide. I was terrified and had undergone some serious test again. Fortunately it has nothing to do with the virus. But then my anxiety got serious when the number of corona cases began rising worldwide. The only option is to return home to Belgium as early as possible. We had to wait for 3 weeks before we could fly. Thanks God 3 days before all flight to Belgium was banned we were able to fly back and reach home safely. I normally very excited about flying anywhere but not on that day (March 22, 2020) I was very terrified. I thought If I catch the virus I won’t survive due to my very low immunity.  Since 3 months the farthest I been from home is to a fabric shop some 15 kilometers away. All our vacation plans are put on hold and cancelled. This is not my year after all. 🙂 Silly but its what I hope so just like what is written on my notitie book.