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Preparing to escape the winter

It is a bit chaotic here with us for the moment and it seems our time is running down. Rounding up cleaning and storing things away while getting ready for a long sojourn down there in the southern hemisphere takes a lot of energy. Not to mention the excitement and anticipation for a long journey. Amids’t packing, sorting and last minute shopping is making sure my CS projects is secure in my baggage. For the first time we are going to have a 10 hours layover flight, so it is expected to be such a long wait since we didn’t book for a hotel. We can only hope for a bit rest during the flight and at least a fine lounge to sit and take a short nap, though I doubt it is possible. I’d better be prepared for the worst case scenario so a little CS project and a good old book is a necessity.

specialfor Mane and Drew

Something sodalicious and sweet for a wedding present will definitely bring my mood to the best. But then a week or two is probably much needed to recover later on so to start with this little one is a good idea. I’ll keep it posted……………

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Beringen my city

Beringen my city ( Beringen mijn stad)

MyCity.JPGAs I have mentioned in my last post, I like to travel a lot and see other places in the world. But at the end of the day and or every holiday, I am happy to be back home. No matter how beautiful and fascinating things I discovered wherever I go, this view is something that I keep in mind. My city is really cool 🙂 literally and figuratively. It looks like it is situated in the middle of a forest. It is indeed surrounded by a lot of woodlands and little wood parks left and right. I took this picture 5 years ago while standing at the highest point of the city which is about 100m high man made hillside.

highest point.JPG
Beringen mine trails

This man made hills was unearthed rubbles and stones from the old coal mine down below. When they close down the coal mine, it has become a local tourist spot having museums, shopping mall, public swimming sports amenities and home for some local company.

Beringen is situated in the province of Limburg, a flemish speaking side of the country. We are a multi-cultural community because of the many foreigners from different countries who had worked in the mine for so long and settled here for good.

I am very proud of our little town and we live happily and peacefully around here. Although there were times we had to escape for awhile when its getting cold and a bit getting boring around here. Especially during winter time. It is not easy to explain but I think its due to the cultural differences among industrialized nations compare to a developing one that people also varied in characters and tradition. If we want to search for something warm and welcoming, I am afraid we have to go somewhere else. Its not that people are unfriendly, yes they are. They just love their privacy and limit their conversations to weather conditions and what is and what is not good on TV.

This is not a place for city people, who loves urban style. It is a place for those who love and embrace nature and its beauty. The walking trails and the bycycle routes are one of the reasons why there is a lot of local tourist from the city who usually spent weekends here.

This is Beringen, my city. Welcome /welkom/bienvenue/herlich willkomen

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My Photo Archive is Almost finish

Did anyone ever get sad or unhappy for losing photographs once in awhile. I do. I have never appreciated Picasa apps before, but now I am thankful because I found photos that I have been searching for a long time already. Even though there where times I am afraid my photos will be out on the net without my permission, I still gamble. I remember what my mom felt like when she was still alive after a flash flood damage our house in Laguna in 2001. Her box full of old momentos was kept at the bottom drawer of her cabinet. It was all damage and eventually destroyed. That was her most valuable possession. In our time, keeping digital copies is easier especially for those using apps to beautify or to flex it. For me it is convenient to save it in my personal drive so that wherever I go, I can open it. If I change computer or laptop there will be no problem. But I am not a fan of any apps demanding personal info and access to my account so I stick to the old method. However old fashioned it may be google knows everything anyway. My secret life which is tucked in my photo journal is more precious than anything I owned. I think I was born in a wrong era. My passions for everything not so contemporary including my hobbies and interest drives my own friends crazy. Honestly, I don’t mind. 🙂

I’d like to share some of the places where I have been. I am not your typical travel blogger who pays a lot of attention about the accomodation, food, services etc. I go to places because I WANT TO BE THERE.  As you can see Spain and France is my favorite destination. There are still so many places in Spain and France where I’d really like to go and visit like the Omaha beach in Normandy where history unfolds during the WWII. My penchant for everything in history, medieval times and places protected and acknowledge by Unesco Heritage is extra ordinary. My dream destination is Jerusalem and Norway. Sadly it doesn’t appeal much to my travel companion. But I still have time 🙂 who knows 🙂 Meanwhile I realized that I have been ignoring my own backyard.  I been blessed to live in  two countries with opposing characters. Next time, I will tell you more why it will be hard for me If I have to choose where to stay for good.

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mid October WIPS

71966935_10218613583483166_7052365157917261824_nHi there, I got so much reaction when I post this one above on my FB. It doesn’t mean anything really 🙂 just something small and cute to pass off time when there is nothing good on TV. Meanwhile my dales is getting prettier and prettier despite not so clear shot. Just a few more holes to fill in plus the waves of clouds and its gonna be on the way to the frame shop. I love this, even if I stitch it with a cheaper stuff. Its the very first time I used #cxc from China and I thought I should keep this one and hang it on my wall  to remember how I struggle to thread my needles while doing this. I should stick to the best stuff all the time, I suppose.


Talking about Dales gives me inspiration because in my home country (where I came from) not in Belgium. I live in a place surrounded by dales. Although I have neighbors left and right, our small community is situated in a hole like foot of a valley facing fields of rice and lakes. It is a very peaceful and charming community where people live side by side with each other. The beauty of the nature and the kindness of the people is the main reason why we love to stay there for a couple of months every year. Escaping the coldness of Belgium, (literally speaking) for quite sometime is very much needed. I don’t mean the temperature 🙂 but I neither complain nor show dissapointment because I still believe to feel warmth we have to create the fire ourselves 🙂 Its actually too warm where we are going. Sometime its suffocating and too much, that’s why I am so lucky to be able to escape both when its necessary. I would love to share next time how is it to live in Both worlds. How do we live? what we eat? what keep us busy? and why we like it the way it is. Thus, I am going to set aside my crafty basket from time to time and talk about places soon. I like it if anyone pays me a visit. Welcome