Santo Tomas Internment Camp

Pacific Paratrooper

Santo Tomas Internment Camp, aerial view.

Santo Tomás Internment Camp [STIC] was the largest of several camps in the Philippines in which the Japanese interned enemy civilians, mostly Americans, in World War II. The campus of the University of Santo Tomás in Manila was utilized for the camp which housed more than 4,000 internees from January 1942 until February 1945.

Over a period of several days, the Japanese occupiers of Manila collected all enemy aliens in Manila and transported them to the University of Santo Tomás, a fenced compound 50 acres (22 ha) in size. Thousands of people, mostly Americans and British, staked out living and sleeping quarters for themselves and their families in the buildings of the University. The Japanese mostly let the foreigners fend for themselves except for appointing room monitors and ordering a 7:30 p.m. roll call every night.

American flag draped over balcony of building as…

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2 thoughts on “Santo Tomas Internment Camp

  1. I greatly appreciate you sharing this history. This world is still affected by the events of WWII, yet few feel the need to rehash it, learn it, remember it and learn from it. I have more on the Philippine history, and have a friend who you might find interesting, if you wish me to send a link.
    Thank you for helping out.


  2. Thanks to the Author of this post.  Santo Tomas Internment camp   I am not used to re-blogging other’s article but this one really means a lot to me. I think I  need to visit the blog to read more from time to time. My husband and I were talking almost everyday about WWI and WWII incidentally because he usually play trumpet together with his music group every 11th of November during a commemoration ceremony in our little town Beringen. This year was extra special because it is 100th year commemoration of the end of WWI.

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