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When in the war (esp. against ourselves)

Will it be a wordless Wednesday or a time to reflect, recollect or react. Whenever I’m in a tug of war against all odds, I either listen to music or read and re-read all inspiring words I have compiled in my bullet journal to brighten up my day. This one is my favorite: An excerpt from the letter of Paul to the Ephesians. In chapter 6, he reminds the people on putting on the armor of God to build up their strength. Truth as a belt, righteousness as breastplate, The good news of peace as shoes, faith as shield, Salvation as helmet, and the word of God as sword.


Armor of God

We all want truth at all times, who doesn’t? but sometimes there are truth that is very hard to accept. We want to be righteous all the time, but sometime we pay a price or we compare ourselves to the mischievous others. And we conclude that we are not as bad as they are. We usually doubt if we are the right person to bring the good news of peace, especially whenever our faith is being tested. Even if we know the way to salvation we are too stubborn to follow the word of God because it doesn’t fit in our world of today. We are a millennial generation, The touch screen generation, The stressful generation. My excuses for this litany, I am seldom wordless I just have the need to be quiet  from time to time.

I love sharing because I care 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


I am a 45+ immigrant, born and raised in the coastal area in the north eastern region of The Philippines, currently residing in Belgium. I am a believer and though conservative in nature, a social person and loves travelling and meeting people as well as exploring places, studying cultures and history. Whenever at home I just love to enjoy the nature and its constant changes, takes photos, writes chronicles and make myself busy either doing crafty things, tinker in my garden or enjoy cooking simple good food.

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