In transition period

Hello there I have been reading and stalking some of my favorite blogs lately to be inspired and find some resolutions. The truth is I been functioning like a robot lately by just doing what is to be done. I have lost my focus due to some irreconcilable differences with some people closer to me. When you normally have positive attitude towards everything and suddenly your world fall apart and it seems only a miracle can intervene, the only means to snap out of it is to accept and let the times go by. Although I haven’t  fully recovered yet from a lot of disappointing situation, I’m glad to be pre-occupied not only with a part time job but also with some commissioned stitch projects that I happily accepted to keep me on track. So I am in a transition period right now and I hope I can manage to pull through little by little. To begin with: you might notice very soon that I finally decided to incorporate my old hobby blog Creaddiction, etc here in my new one and  acquired a domain name in order to dodge unwanted ads.  A fresh start is what I badly needed, hope to see you around.

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